Non-Propellant Foams of Green Nano-Silver and Sulfadiazine: Development and In Vivo Evaluation for Burn Wounds

Aleksandra Kurowska, Vivek Ghate, Arun Kodoth, Aarti Shah, Abhishek Shah, Badalamoole Vishalakshi, Bharathi Prakash, Shaila A. Lewis

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Purpose: A non-propellant based foam (NPF) system was developed incorporating the antibiotics, pectin capped green nano-silver and sulfadiazine (SD) for the topical treatment of burn wounds as a convenient alternative to the existing therapies. Methods: NPF were prepared using various surfactants and oils forming a nanoemulsion. Anti-microbial studies by resazurin microtitre assay, ex vivo diffusion, in vivo skin permeation and deposition studies, and acute irritation studies were carried out. NPF was applied onto secondary thermal wounds manifested on mice models followed by macroscopic and histological examinations. Results: NPF had an average globule size of <75 nm. The viscosity was ~10 cP indicating the feasibility of expulsion from the container upon actuation. With no skin irritation, the foams showed a higher skin deposition of SD. A high contraction and an evident regeneration of the skin tissue upon treatment with NPF indicated a good recovery from the thermal injury was apparent from the histology studies. Conclusion: NPF represents an alternative topical formulation that can be employed as a safe and effective treatment modality for superficial second degree (partial thickness) burn wounds. With a minimal requirement of mechanical force, the no-touch application of NPF makes it suitable for sensitive and irritant skin surfaces.

Original languageEnglish
Article number122
JournalPharmaceutical Research
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 01-08-2019

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