Oxy-hydrogen hybrid diesel engine

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Anticipating present day scenario of fossil fuels, it's foreshow that, it will endure for another few decades from now. The contrary, alarming cost of petrol/diesel fuels and its related severe effects on our ecosystem compelled the researcher to find any solution/alternate source. An alternate source is not just replacing the commercial fuel, but also increasing its fuel consumption properties. Some research were conducted, targeting on the use of oxy hydrogen gas as an additive /alternative fuel source. Although the storage of this gas necessitate the application of pure hydrogen in petrol engine. Using On-demand generation techniques for oxy-hydrogen gas (HHO) eliminates the difficulties of its storage up to a certain limit. The electrolysis process of water with KOH produces oxy-hydrogen (HHO) gas that can be used as an energy source to solve the short comings of fossil fuel reducing environmental pollution. In this study, HHO gas generator was designed, fabricated and tested experimentally to analyze its performance. The hybrid internal combustion engines using HHO is considered one of the most important studied applications. The engine performance and gas emission is investigated for a CI engines. The results recording the run time of the engine with induction of HHO gas was increased by 3240 sec to 1 liter of diesel. HHO gas reduced the exhaust gas temperature by 1°C and also increased the idle and maximum rpm by 25 rpm and 50 rpm respectively.

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JournalARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 01-01-2020

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