Performance augmentation of solar air heaters: A comprehensive analysis

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Over the years, more and more researchers have developed efficient ways of using solar air heaters (SAH) for collection and utilization of solar radiation for thermal applications. In this article, the usage of various fin forms, systems, and operational characteristics of SAH are compiled and tabulated for better comprehension of heat transfer phenomena. Some of the heat transfer correlations that are developed by various researchers related to SAH are presented in detail for easy computation of heat flow characteristics. Solar energy is a time-dependent and intermittent energy source. Hence, solar energy-based heating systems can benefit more from PCM-based thermal energy storage (TES) systems. Since latent heat storage is more effective than sensible heat storage, recent research has concentrated on phase change materials (PCM). This article tries to offer a comprehensive picture of the SAH that uses various TES and their effectiveness. Also, this review article highlights new developments, useful methods and relevant SAH system using the 4E (energy, exergy, economics, and environment) analytical methodology.

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JournalSolar Energy
Publication statusPublished - 15-03-2023

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