Performance characteristics of a misaligned single pad externally adjustable fluid-film bearing

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Externally adjustable fluid film bearing has been devised whereby the hydrodynamic conditions can be changed as required in a controlled manner. Principal feature of the bearing is the facility to adjust its radial clearance and circumferential film thickness gradient. Unlike a tilting pad or a conventional partial arc bearing, this bearing has a cantilevered externally adjustable bearing element or pad that can be given an independent and controlled position inputs along the radial direction as well as about its leading edge. Externally adjustable pad bearing will perform as a conventional partial arc bearing when the adjustments are set to zero. This paper deals with the effect of misalignment on steady state characteristics of a centrally loaded 120° single pad externally adjustable fluid film bearing. The bearing has an aspect ratio of one and operates over a wide range of eccentricity ratios, adjustments, adiabatic parameters and degrees of misalignment. Static performance characteristics calculated are presented in terms of load carrying capacity, attitude angle, friction variable and total end leakage. Reynolds equation incorporated with simplified adiabatic model of Pinkus and Bupara is solved using finite difference method. A comparative study predicts that, static performance of the bearing is superior with negative radial and tilt adjustments.

Original languageEnglish
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JournalTribology in Industry
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Publication statusPublished - 2009

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