Perspectives on technology enhanced learning and teaching for an exciting learning experience

B. H.S. Thimmappa

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The scope for learning subjects in our own way via flexible learning module is relevant in this age of tablets to capture the excitement of science. The paradigm shift in globalized learning using multiple sources is reflected in the recent trends, practices and techniques among learners/facilitators changing the very nature of human relations and social life. The present situation of slightly lower academic performance from an educational perspective needs some specific and alternate methods to discuss a subject, impart knowledge, instill basic values and for well-rounded educational experience. The PowerPoint presentations, open source articles, lateral and supplementary learning materials, problem based learning, multimedia learning and miscellaneous methods discussed in this paper stir the imagination to influence the thoughts and deeds of the future generation and have implications on health, education and prosperity with the advantage of subject areas, supplementary reading material and value addition. The disciplined learners can use visualization technique as a primary method of learning to gain knowledge and understanding to increase confidence levels by adapting divergent thinking approach in the changing times. Learning can be facilitated by maintaining learner-sensitive environment to gain a more positive understanding, appreciation, perspectives of the important contributions that science and technology makes in the real world at large and to generate new ideas, products, processes and jobs. The whole perspective of creating that exclusive experience for learners not only elevate learning to the next level but also speaks volumes about the facilitators passion for teaching to create a mental picture.

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Publication statusPublished - 22-04-2013

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