Plant-mediated gold and silver nanoparticles as detectors of heavy metal contamination

Sneha Nayak, Louella Concepta Goveas, P. Senthil Kumar, Raja Selvaraj, Ramesh Vinayagam

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Heavy metals are dumped into the environment as a result of human activities, posing a serious threat to ecology and human health. Surface water, potable drinking water, potable groundwater, and majority of wastewater include their traces, due to which, their detection by nanoparticles has received a lot of attention in recent years. Although microorganisms are utilized for green nanoparticle production, plant materials have recently been explored because they are more environmentally friendly, easier to scale up, and require fewer specific growth conditions. The production and attributes of nanoparticles synthesized by plant mediation could be enhanced through design of experiments approach, extending their feasibility in the detection of heavy metals in polluted environmental samples. A concise review on green synthesis of silver and gold nanoparticles utilizing plant phytochemicals, its mechanism of synthesis along with significance of design of experiments for enhancement, and their use as heavy metal contamination detectors is presented in the current study.

Original languageEnglish
Article number113271
JournalFood and Chemical Toxicology
Publication statusPublished - 09-2022

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  • Food Science
  • Toxicology


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