Process Evaluation and Kinetics of Recombinant Chitin Deacetylase Expression in E. coli Rosetta pLysS Cells Using a Statistical Technique

Goutam Mohan Pawaskar, Ritu Raval, Subbalaxmi Selvaraj

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In recent years, the greener route of the deacetylation of chitin to chitosan using the enzyme chitin deacetylase has gained importance. Enzymatically converted chitosan with emulating characteristics has a broad range of applications, particularly in the biomedical field. Several recombinant chitin deacetylases from various environmental sources have been reported, but there are no studies on process optimization for the production of these recombinant chitin deacetylases. The present study used the central composite design of response surface methodology to maximize the recombinant bacterial chitin deacetylase (BaCDA) production in E. coli Rosetta pLysS. The optimized process conditions were 0.061% glucose concentration, 1% lactose concentration, an incubation temperature of 22 °C, an agitation speed at 128 rpm, and 30 h of fermentation. At optimized conditions, the expression due to lactose induction was initiated after 16 h of fermentation. The maximum expression, biomass, and BaCDA activity were recorded 14 h post-induction. At the optimized condition, the BaCDA activity of expressed BaCDA was increased ~2.39-fold. The process optimization reduced the total fermentation cycle by 22 h and expression time by 10 h post-induction. This is the first study to report the process optimization of recombinant chitin deacetylase expression using a central composite design and its kinetic profiling. Adapting these optimal growth conditions could result in cost-effective, large-scale production of the lesser-explored moneran deacetylase, embarking on a greener route for biomedical-grade chitosan production.

Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of visualized experiments : JoVE
Issue number193
Publication statusPublished - 10-03-2023

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