Pulmonary nocardiosis owing to Nocardia otitidiscaviarum

Karanam Gowrinath, Attur Ravindra Prabhu, Indira Bairy, Peralam Yegneswaran Prakash, Kiran Chawla, Waqas Wahid Baig

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Among the nocardial species, Nocardia otitidiscaviarum (formerly Nocardia caviae) as causative agent of pulmonary disease is rarely reported even in immunocompromised individuals. We report 2 renal transplant recipients presenting with pleural effusion and acute respiratory distress syndrome owing to N. otitidiscaviarum. Culture of bronchial washings led to the diagnosis in both the cases and established importance of early bronchoscopy in diagnosing opportunistic pulmonary infections in immunocompromised individuals. Severe side effects of trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (TMP-SMX) in both the cases suggest the need to evolve safe and effective alternate drug regimens to treat nocardiosis.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)113-115
Number of pages3
JournalJournal of Bronchology
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 01-04-2008

All Science Journal Classification (ASJC) codes

  • Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine


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