Rebamipide gargle in preventive management of chemo-radiotherapy induced oral mucositis

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Background & objectives Oral mucositis is inflammation of mucosa of oral cavity which is an inevitable and acute side effect in patients undergoing chemoradiotherapy for head & neck cancer. Though many agents have been tried in prevention & treatment of oral mucositis, until date no single agent exists that is universally established to be effective. Methods 60 Patients diagnosed with Head & Neck cancer recruited for concurrent chemo-radiotherapy were assigned in a double blind fashion into 2 groups using computer based 1:1 ratio randomization. Subjects in Group 1 were given Rebamipide gargle while subjects in Group 2 were given Placebo gargle in similar colour coded bottles to gargle 6 times/day. Subjective assessment of oral mucositis was done by Numeric Rating Scale (NRS) and objective scoring according to RTOG system. Results All subjects in the Group 1 reported good treatment compliance but 4 subjects in Group 2 developed burning sensation to gargle and were excluded. Onset of oral mucositis was 3.5 days earlier in Group 2 (mean = 11.17) as compared to Group 1 (mean = 14.63). At the end of chemo-radiotherapy, severity of oral mucositis was significantly lower in Group 1 (mean = 1.97) than in Group 2 (mean = 2.81). Interpretation & conclusion Findings of this study revealed that Rebamipide gargle may be an effective means to prolong the onset of oral mucositis and may reduce the severity of oral mucositis in undergoing chemo-radiotherapy.

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