Reproductive Health Issues—Who to Discuss With? A Qualitative Study to Address Unmet Needs of Adolescent Boys

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In India, less research has been dedicated to reproductive health needs of boys as compared to girls. Various sociocultural aspects hinder the caregiving process towards adolescent boys. Our aim was to assess the views and perceptions of adolescent boys and their caregivers about reproductive health (RH) for adolescent boys. This qualitative study was conducted in rural urban settings of an entire Taluk (sub-district). It examined the perception and expectations of RH and the services that would cater their unmet needs. The perceptions of parents, teachers and clinicians who interacted with adolescent boys were also taken in to account. RH issues of boys were considered to be completely neglected by all caregivers. The boys felt ‘only girls have all sort of facilities and help’. Masturbation and wet dreams were considered as ‘problems’. Pornography and Internet influenced young minds negatively. Awareness about HIV/AIDS and premarital sex were good among the boys. Boys stressed on ‘counselling’ and ‘online services’ that would help them to discuss their RH issues with experts. Parents and teachers highlighted the importance of ‘sex education’. Doctors mentioned the problems they face to address the boys in community settings. It could be concluded that RH aspects of adolescent boys need further research.

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Publication statusPublished - 01-09-2017

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