Retrospective study of gynaecological malignancies in less than 35 years of age in Southern India

Anagha Kamath, Radha R. Pai

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Aim of the Study: To study the incidence, diagnosis and the treatment aspects of genital malignancies in a group of young patients who were less than 35 years old. Materials and Methods: This study was based on the surgical biopsy materials which were received in the histopathology laboratory of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University, Mangalore, from 1st January 2006-31st December 2010. The sources of the specimens were: in-patients biopsy and surgical specimens from the Lady Goshen Hospital and the Kasturba Medical College Hospital, Mangalore. The demographic data which included the age of the patients, the site of the tumour and the diagnosis, were extracted from the request forms and the patients' case files. Results: The prevalence of cancer in the younger ages [<35yrs] was 14.2%. The mean age of the presentation was 28 years, (SD+5.12). Ovarian cancer was the most common (70.5%) cancer, followed by cervical cancer (16.3%), choriocarcinoma (7%) and endometrial cancer (2%). There is a rising incidence of cervical and endometrial carcinoma. Advanced stages pre-dominated (58.2%). Conclusion: Targetting younger women for cancer screening and considering the possibility of malignancy in them is a necessity. This study also provided the basis for the further analysis of the female genital malignancies. The high incidence and the average early mean age of the presentation underlies the importance of the screening programmes and awareness campaigns in our community. Early diagnosis and treatment may help to preserve the fertility and to decrease the mortality. High risk screening could help to reduce the burden of the disease. Education would undoubtly prove to be the most effective challenging remedy.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1251-1255
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 01-06-2012
Externally publishedYes

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