Screening of Bauhinia purpurea Linn. for analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities

C. Shreedhara, V. Vaidya, H. Vagdevi, K. Latha, K. Muralikrishna, A. Krupanidhi

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Objectives: Ethanol extract of the stem of Bauhinia purpurea Linn. was subjected to analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities in animal models. Materials and Methods: Albino Wistar rats and mice were the experimental animals respectively. Different CNS depressant paradigms like analgesic activity (determined by Eddy′s hot plate method and acetic acid writhing method) and anti-inflammatory activity determined by carrageenan induced paw edema using plethysmometer in albino rats) were carried out, following the intra-peritoneal administration of ethanol extract of Bauhinia purpurea Linn. (BP) at the dose level of 50mg/kg and 100mg/kg. Results: The analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of ethanol extracts of BP were significant (P <0.001). The maximum analgesic effect was observed at 120 min at the dose of 100mg/kg (i.p.) and was comparable to that of standard analgin (150mg/kg) and the percentage of edema inhibition effect was 46.4% and 77% for 50mg/kg and 100mg/kg (i.p) respectively. Anti-inflammatory activity was compared with standard Diclofenac sodium (5mg/kg). Conclusion: Ethanol extract of Bauhinia purpurea has shown significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities at the dose of 100 mg/kg and was comparable with corresponding standard drugs. The activity was attributed to the presence of phytoconstituents in the tested extract.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)75-79
Number of pages5
JournalIndian Journal of Pharmacology
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2009


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