Seismic Analysis of Frame Structure with Infill Using Finite Element-Based Meso-Modelling Technique

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The failure of many structures during past seismic events has demonstrated that multistorey buildings are prone to earthquakes. Therefore, researchers have shown a lot of interest in understanding the seismic behaviour of buildings. Masonry infills are an integral part of framed buildings. In a typical structural analysis, the mass of these infills is considered, but the stiffness is ignored when buildings are subjected to earthquakes. However, it is known that infills contribute to the stiffness of the structure. Despite this fact, the stiffness of infills is not accounted for in the conventional analysis owing to the complexities in realistically modelling the infills. Therefore, many researchers have suggested different techniques for incorporating the stiffness of infills in the analysis. Depending on the level of details required, some suggested macro-level modelling, and others have proposed more detailed micro-modelling. Few researchers have even proposed modelling techniques which are in between the level of macro and micro models. This article proposes a finite element-based meso-modelling technique to analyze an infilled frame building subjected to earthquakes. The proposed model is capable of simulating the contact and separation effects at the infill and frame interface, which cannot be represented using macro-modelling techniques. For the study, different earthquake records are chosen based on key characteristics such as frequency contents and pulse-like features. Along with the proposed model, an equivalent strut macro-model is also used for comparison purposes. The study shows that the proposed meso-model can represent the seismic behaviour of the building, which is comparable to the behaviour of the building with macro-model idealization. Also, the base shear response of the proposed model is generally slightly more conservative than the responses of frames with infills represented using macro-models.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)697-711
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JournalCivil Engineering and Architecture
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2024

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