Diabetes is one of the rising risk oriented diseases which is spread globally, where every eight seconds one life is claimed or at every 30 seconds a limb is lost. Most of the developed countries are making their national concern in fighting against it. The excessive glucose in the blood stream is characterized as Diabetes. To develop any devices to maintain and regulate such disease requires a detailed study on the patient mathematical model. Designing a good control system also needs adequate knowledge of plant model. The patient model can be mathematically modeled by several equations. Glucose-Insulin regulatory system in the human is the most complicated and crucial physiological control system. Under various real life parameters several glucose-insulin regulatory systems have been proposed in terms of mathematical models. The main parameters considered for developing such models are the biological hormonal effect that causes the Glucose homeostasis for regulation. A number of mathematical models of the insulin dependent (type-I) diabetes mellitus have been previously reported in the literature from which Bergman model is considered for the study in the development of Artificial Pancreas. A detailed interaction, mass balance equation and the Simulink models of the Bergman Minimal Model and the Augmented model is detailed in the next sections.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 07-2018


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