Terrorism: Suicide Bombing - Investigation

T. Kanchan, Anil Aggrawal

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Suicide bombing is a variant of bombing in which the perpetrator primarily aims to strike the target by blowing himself/herself up. Suicide bombings commonly result in mass casualties, and hence the need for strengthening of mass disaster management systems. The investigating team, along with the crime scene investigators and forensic pathologists, are required to reconstruct the sequence of events and the crime scene. Blast lung injury, hemorrhage, air embolism, and severe dismemberment and disruption of the body are the most common causes of death in blast injuries. The identification of the deceased as well as the perpetrator of the crime is an essential part of the medicolegal investigation in suicide bombing.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationEncyclopedia of Forensic and Legal Medicine
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ISBN (Electronic)9780128000557
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Publication statusPublished - 04-11-2015
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