Test-retest reliability of vestibular evoked myogenic potential across different age groups

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Background: VEMPs are used to evaluate the function of otolith system. cVEMP evaluate the function of saccule and oVEMP evaluate the function of utricle. There are equivocal findings in the test-retest reliability of cVEMP and oVEMP response among the young adult's groups. Therefore, the present study was taken up to see test-retest reliability the test-retest reliability of cVEMPs (with and without integrated visual feedback system) and oVEMP parameters across different age groups. Method: A total of 60 participants were included among the three groups (young adult, middle adult and old adult) with an equal number of in each group. cVEMP and oVEMP were performed thrice for all the participants to see the test-retest reliability. Results: Present study results showed test-retest reliability was fair to good and above for all the parameters for cVEMP as well as oVEMP response. cVEMP peak to peak amplitude retest reliability with integrated visual feedback showed more reliability than without integrated visual feedback system in middle and old adults. Conclusion: It can be concluded from the current study that cVEMP and oVEMP testing procedures are reliable in the young, middle and old adult groups during and between test recordings.

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JournalInternational Tinnitus Journal
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Publication statusPublished - 01-12-2018

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