The factors leading to entrepreneurship trends among young graduates of hospitality

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Entrepreneurship in hospitality is a major contributor to the growth and development of the economy of a country. A large proportion of the hospitality businesses are small owner-operated restaurants as compared to big chains of hotels and restaurants who also have their own market share. Considering the nature and challenges faced by the hospitality entrepreneurs becomes an important issue for the researchers. Hospitality education has evolved considering the needs and thoughts of the millennials. The millennials do understand the needs and desires of the contemporary guests and have come up with strategies to present their food products and enhance service standards to stay competitive in the market. The millennial guest has, with rapid advance of technology, an enormous amount of preferences to choose from. The aim is to investigate the motivational factors which leads the young graduates to opt for entrepreneurship and the role of hospitality education to guide the students towards it.

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Title of host publicationGlobal Entrepreneurial Trends in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
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Publication statusPublished - 13-03-2020

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