The purview of doped nanoparticles: Insights into their biomedical applications

Raghavendra Udaya Kumar Shenoy, Annamalai Rama, Induja Govindan, Anup Naha

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Nanoparticles have been intensively explored and utilised in biomedicine for more than half a century because of their non-invasive nature, simplicity of temporal and spatial manipulation, and substantial biocompatibility. Contemporary nanoparticle research mainly focuses on modifying their physicochemical properties and enhancing their roles in biomedical applications. Doping is a neoteric approach to altering nanoparticles' physical, chemical, optical, electrical, and biological properties to ameliorate their biomedical applications. Metal oxides like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are widely employed as nanoparticles in drug delivery applications. These metal oxides are doped with different metals to improve their properties in drug delivery applications. This review summarises several types of dopant materials and methods for doping, such as sol-gel, laser ablation, sonochemical, combustion method, and biological reduction, and briefly discusses the anti-microbial, anti-cancer, and drug delivery applications of the doped nanoparticles.

Original languageEnglish
Article number100070
Publication statusPublished - 01-11-2022

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  • Internal Medicine
  • Biotechnology
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