Treatment of anaphylaxis in adults: A questionnaire survey

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Objective: To identify the medications that medical students, interns and casualty medical officers are likely to prescribe when treating an adult patient with anaphylaxis, and to ascertain the dose and route of administration of adrenaline they would use. Design: A questionnaire study survey. Setting: Kasturba medical college hospital, Manipal (Udupi District) and public health centers of Udupi district, Karnataka. Subjects: Data collected from 39 second year medical students, 35 interns and 35 casualty medical officers. Main outcome measure: To determine the percentage of use of adrenaline for the treatment of anaphylaxis in the correct dose, strength and route. Results: Majority (73.3%) of participants correctly opted to use adrenaline. Only 9 participants have written the correct dose, route and concentration of adrenaline. 41.28% and 66.05% participants preferred to use antihistamines and corticosteroids respectively. Conclusion: This study has shown that confusion exists regarding the correct route of administration and dose of adrenaline to be used when treating anaphylaxis. This confusion applied to medical students, interns and medical officers. Therefore doctors must be made aware of the guidelines to treat anaphylaxis effectively.

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JournalOnline Journal of Health and Allied Sciences
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Publication statusPublished - 01-10-2008

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