Trifurcation of right coronary artery and its huge right ventricular branch: Can it be hazardous?

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The objective of this case report is to alert the cardiologists and radiologists about the possibility of an extremely rare trifurcation of the right coronary artery. During dissection classes, an early trifurcation of the right coronary artery (RCA) was observed in an adult male cadaver aged approximately 65 years. The RCA had a normal origin from the anterior aortic sinus. After a course of just 2 mm, it trifurcated into a conus artery, a huge right ventricular branch and then a main continuation of the RCA. The conus artery entered the myocardium of the conus after a short course. The huge ventricular branch had a downward and left course almost till the apex of the heart. Right marginal artery was absent. No other vascular variations of heart were observed apart from this. Knowledge of this trifurcation could be useful in coronary angioplasty and bypass procedures.

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JournalAnatomy and Cell Biology
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