Um estudo da artéria testicular em cadáveres e sua relevância clínica

Translated title of the contribution: A cadaveric study of the testicular artery and its clinical significance

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Background: Knowledge of testicular artery variations is vital to ensure that they are not neglected during a variety of different operative techniques, since damage can cause testicular atrophy. Objectives: The present study was therefore intended to identify variants in the origin and course of the testicular arteries. An attempt was made to classify the arteries based on their various origins. Methods: This study examined 42 formalin-fixed cadavers of 40 to 70-year-old adult males. Variant origins of the testicular artery were identified and classified. Variations in the origin and course of the artery were colored, photographed, and documented. The distances between the origins of the testicular arteries and the mid-points of the origins of the renal arteries were measured. Results: Testicular arteries were classified into four categories on the basis of origin. This variability was defined in relation to the renal and inferior mesenteric arteries. The mean distance between the origin of the testicular artery and the mid-point of the origin of the renal artery were 3.08 and 3.47 cm, on the right and left sides respectively. Variations were almost exclusively found on the left side. The variations observed included multiple arterial twigs forming the testicular artery, suprarenal arteries arising from the testicular artery, and testicular artery duplication. Conclusion: This study provides an insight into variations in the testicular artery and proposes a classification which could help surgeons during a variety of procedures on the male abdomen and pelvis.

Translated title of the contributionA cadaveric study of the testicular artery and its clinical significance
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JournalJornal Vascular Brasileiro
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 01-10-2016

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