Understanding job stress among healthcare staff

Dola Saha, Rajesh Kumar Sinha, Kankshi Bhavsar

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Introduction: Job life is an important part of a person's daily life. There are many aspects of a job. A person may be satisfied with one or more aspects of his/her job but at the same time may be unhappy with other things related to the job. Objective: To evaluate the sources of job stress (stressful aspects of work) among the staff of a super specialty hospital & to suggest measures to decrease level of job stress. Methodology: Descriptive study employing 381 staff members of a super specialty hospital using a structured personal interview questionnaire consisting of 21 sources of stress. The hospital staff was asked to rate each item according to the extent to which it had contributed to their stress as experienced in their jobs in the past few months on a scale of 0 (not at all),1(a little), 2(quite a bit), 3 (a lot). A global rating of stress was also obtained. Result: The prime sources of stress were found to be underpayment (76%), excessive workload (70.3%), inadequate staff (48.6), & being involved in the emotional distress of patients (46.7%). Conclusion: The staffs of the hospital were in moderate stress due to the prime stressors so adequate measures should be taken to alleviate these stressors. This could be achieved through workload management, job redesign, & by offering occupational health education.

Original languageEnglish
JournalOnline Journal of Health and Allied Sciences
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 01-01-2011

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